Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning Software



Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning Software Driver for Microsoft Windows 7 x86 and Windows 7 x64.


Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning Software Downloads

New Features Available in v3.6.3: Many software improvements to optimize workflow and increase performance. Content based Auto Rotate; eliminates time the user needs to rotate individual scanned images.

Operating System (s) : Windows 7(32-bit)

  • KODAK s1220 Photo Scanner Win 7 32bit Software – Download (276.1MB)

Operating System (s) : Windows 7(64-bit)

  • KODAK s1220 Photo Scanner Win 7 64bit Software – Download (275.8MB)

Important: After upgrading the Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning Software, reboot the PC, and turn on the scanner after the PC has booted.


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