Kodak Mini Shot Instant Software



Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera Software/App and User’s Manual Downloads.

Smartphone App Installation: 1) Go to Play Store or App Store in smartphone. 2) Search “Kodak Mini Shot”. 3) Install it to your smartphone.

Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera

Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera Software Downloads

Product APP(Android) – For Users from China APP(Android)-中国用户:

  • Kodak Mini Sho Instant Camera – APK – Download

Bluetooth Connection: 1) Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone. 2) Turn on Mini Shot. 3) Go to Bluetooth setting in your smartphone and select “KODAK Mini-XXXX” (’XXXX’ are 4 digits combination of numbers and letters.)

Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera User’s Manual:

Take a Photo: 1) Turn on Mini Shot by pressing power button. 2) Press shutter button to take the photo after positioning the subject in LCD screen.


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