Kodak Riot 250R Downloads


Kodak Riot 250R Pro Sport Drone Software Updates & Kodak Riot 250R Downloads.

This downloads includes the Betaflight Firmware, OSD Firmware and Configurator, Windows VCP Driver, Spektrum model and settings, Betaflight Configurator 3.1.1 for Kodak Riot 250r Pro Sport Drone.

Kodak Riot 250R

Kodak Riot 250R Drone Software Downloads

Kodak Riot 250R Pro Betaflight Firmware:

Kodak Riot 250R Downloads

OSD Firmware and Configurator:

Windows VCP Driver – en.stsw-stm32102.zip.

Spektrum model and settings:

  • How-to video for Riot configuration for Spektrum model import – here.
    How-to video for Spektrum model import – here.
    – Kodak Riot 250R Pro Spektrum DX8 Download
    – Kodak Riot 250R Pro Spektrum DX6 Download

-Betaflight Configurator 3.1.1 Download.

Similarly, you can download Kodak Capture Pro Software for your other Kodak Products.

Last Updated on March 28, 2021


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